We want to make sure Breathwrk is accessible to everyone.

Breathwrk's mission is to change the world's health through breathing. We engage in this mission by making our app available for iOS, Android (and soon, the Web), and support our company's operations by offering Pro subscriptions to unlock additional functionality and all activities within the app. We realize that not everyone is in a position to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription, and we want Breathwrk to be accessible to all.

Breathwrk Access is our program where we offer need-based scholarships for a Breathwrk Pro subscription to those who qualify. Please fill out the application below to apply.  You should have the app already downloaded and a free account.

We also offer a 50% discount for those who don't meet the scholarship criteria for those who are students, teachers, first responders, or military. Please contact us at info@breathwrk for more information on this discount program.

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NOTE: We will process your request as quickly as possible.  It may take up to five (5) business days to evaluate.