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Small Group Classes

Harmony Breathwork Breakthrough

Calling all those looking for a deep and powerful transformation.


With breath as our vehicle and live music to inspire, this journey will include multiple styles of breath including Holotropic, Wim Hof, and parasympathetic breathing. 


We combine these multiple forms to allow for a deeper release, a more pronounced transformation and a clearer integration of newness. 


Banah will be leading this journey playing live music on guitar, and singing. 


The journey will take an arc starting gently, ramping up in intensity and then finishing peacefully. 

If we’re going to the stars, we’d like to take off and land smoothly. 

December 15th 7pm - 9pm

$30 per student


Meet Your Host


Banah is multi modality coach, musician, singer and breathwork champion. He loves to lead intuitively and compassionately, encouraging all to understand and trust their own inner guidance. 

Banah has been leading events all of his life, and has facilitated many deep transformations through breath, meditation, music, and yoga. He believes that even healing can be fun, and always aims to bring an element of playfulness. 

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