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How to Beat Stress.

5 Exercises for Conquering
Stress & Anxiety.


Stress is insidious. It can build up slowly or come on suddenly. Not to mention, chronic stress has serious negative effects our minds and bodies.

In today’s post, we’ll be exploring how you can manage your stress the moment it happens with some of our favorite breathing exercises.

A Breath to Create Calm


Follow this simple visualization to relax your mind and body. Do at least five rounds.

How do you feel? Has your heart rate slowed? Did you release some of the tension in your shoulders? Have you stopped clenching your jaw?

Managing stress is all about regaining control of your body. We can help our body and our brains relax by taking advantage of the lungs' connection to our nervous system. Taking long, slow breaths that focus on full inhales and extended exhales signals the body to relax which reduces anxiety and stress.

More Techniques for Relief


The Breathwrk App has guided exercises to relax the body and clear your mind. Try these 5 techniques that give you back control of your body.

1. Calm. Design to reduce stress and soothe the mind while lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. The slow and controlled diaphragmatic breathing triggers the body's natural relaxation response.

2. Stress Relief. Ideal for resetting after a stressful day or event. The slower breathing rate of 4 breaths per minute is shown to increase alpha wave activity in the brain, reduce anxiety, and reduce negative mood.

3. Panic Button. Halt panic using breath holding techniques. This balance carbon dioxide and oxygen levels while reducing the change of hyperventilating.

4. Brain Fog. A three part breath using yoga techniques and humming to induce calm while increasing stress tolerance.

5. Clear Mind. Designed to reduce anxiety and excessive thoughts. This technique combines diaphragmatic breathing with long humming exhales.


Don’t forget: your body’s most powerful tool is right under your nose!

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