How Does it Work?

The Breathwrk app guides you through powerful breathing exercises that help you breathe more effectively, increase your oxygenation,  strengthen your diaphragm, and increase energy levels. Through practices like breath-holding and high altitude simulation training, you can improve your athletic performance and overall health.


Perform at Your Peak

Breathing exercises to help increase your energy, stamina, focus, and oxygenation

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Who is it for?

Whether you're looking to go pro, training for the Olympics, or can’t make it up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, the Breathwork app is a healthy and effective way to get you breathing better. We teach the same exercises used by professionals and Olympic athletes, and trainers to increase endurance, energy, and overall health. Breathwrk has the power to positively change anyone’s life!


What's the Science?

There have been many studies and publications on the effectiveness of breathing exercises on athletic performance and health. We have curated some of those articles and studies here!


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