Breathwrk for Business

Breathwork is a powerful, scientifically-proven practice for changing your body and your mind. And Breathwrk is a great, cost-effective way to provide breathwork benefits for a healthier, less stressed-out, and satisfied workforce.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee per day, give access to your employees to breath exercises, coach-led classes, habits, and more across Calming, Nighttime (Sleep), Energizing, Perform, and Health categories. Premium subscription options include kickoffs a dedicated Breathwrk team member, monthly check-ins, and detailed reporting about app usage across categories and content.

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Just $4.99/per employee!

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Organizations with 100+ employees qualify for Enterprise service.  This includes:

  • Dedicated customer support and account executives

  • Kickoff and monthly checkins with a certified Breathwrk Coach

  • Detailed reporting and dashboards on usage

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