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Breathwrk Studio

The next generation of training is for your mental fitness. Use the practice of Breathwrk to train your nervous system to go about life with greater resiliency, awareness and ease. Using techniques backed by thousands of years of practice and decades of research, Breathwrk actively trains your physiological and psychological states for total wellbeing. 

Find our special events on this page. If you can't find the class you're looking for, be sure to check our full schedule here

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904 Pacific Ave, Venice, CA

DMT Breathwrk + Sound Journey 

Join Breathwrk for Red Pill Society's uniquely curated transformational breathwork journey designed to take you deep within yourself. In this 90 minute session, your guide, Zian, will use a variety of breath techniques and sound to transport yourself somewhere else.


For many, deep breathwork journeys are known to mirror psychedelic experiences with reported experiences of:  oneness with the universe, release of trauma, physical and emotional healing, revisiting childhood experiences, mindset breakthroughs and feelings of connectedness.


Breathwork is a simple but powerful way to cleanse the body of stagnant emotions, reduce anxiety and experience blissfulness. 


After class there will be time for group integration. 


No substances are consumed in this practice.


Class is on 2/9. Arrive at 7pm for a prompt 7:15pm start time. Cost per student is $45. 


Wrken x Breathwrk Ceremony 

Join Breathwrk and Wrken for a very special evening of breathwork and moving meditation.


Wrken is a physical modality that teaches you how to properly move your body through all ranges of motion via the joints; wrists, shoulders, neck, hips, ankles.


From a physical standpoint, this helps you to maintain mobility, durability & longevity. Emotionally & spiritually, it guides you into a deeper experience of yourself through conscious breathing, sensorial awareness & inner clarity. In the most subtle yet potent way, it nurtures a sense of peace & harmony in your life — mind, body & spirit.


This practice is the culmination of a lifetime of practicing self-regulation via movement & music, as well as many years in the fitness + dance industries, my experiences with ceremonies, spiritual study, plant medicine, cognitive talk therapy & movement practices. Having seen the transformative result of this holistic approach to health, it is now my mission to use this modality to guide people back to themselves — to a life that is lived like a ceremony: intentional, present, & deeply felt.


As a student of life, Seve has always been fascinated by movement, consciousness, felt experiences, the human psyche, and how these things create the conditions from which we live and operate.


Seve has worked with some great athletes, performers, celebrities, and everybody in between and helped them to create more peace, harmony, and vitality not only in their bodies but their hearts and minds as well.


Class is on 2/23. Arrive at 7pm for a prompt 7:15pm start time. Cost per student is $46.

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