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What you get with a Breathwrk Pro subscription

When you subscribe to Breathwrk Pro, you get access to unlimited Breathwrk exercises, classes, breath holds and more.

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Over 50 science-backed
breathing exercises

Need help falling asleep, reducing anxiety, alleviating period cramps or getting rid of a stuffy nose?

Breathwrk has you covered with over fifty guided breathing techniques targeted for specific purposes. Customize the voice and sound guide, as well as, haptics and duration of an exercise.  


Expert coach-led Classes to solve any particular challenge

Classes are a change of pace from breathing exercises. They're longer sessions taught by professional breathwork coaches. 

Coming Soon!

Over 12 curated Habits to match your needs and more in the making 

Habits are a curated set of breath exercises and classes scheduled throughout the day and week to help you create a consistent breathwrk practice in your life. 

Breath Hold & Exhales

We have Breath Hold and Breath Exhale Challenges to continually check your lungs and improve your capacities. 

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Unlimited Customization

Want a longer breathing exercise?

How about unlimited access to all voice guides and background sounds?

Breathwrk Pro gives you access to customizations to make your practice the best it can be for you. 

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