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Elizabeth Kenny

Chief Marketing Officer, Truth

“As part of the truth campaign, Truth Initiative collaborated with Breathwrk to develop custom breaths as mental health resources. We have seen great success in the program, with tens of thousands of exercises completed and quitters who are still actively receiving messages encouraging them to use the breathing exercises. TIQ users who used the BREATH keyword to access custom breathing exercises were 30% more likely to complete the program than those who did not access the breaths. They also had a higher 30-day abstinence rate after a month into the program."

Claire Buxton

AVP, Brand Engagement, Maybelline

“The Breathwrk team delivered a great experience, helping us connect the partnership to larger brand initiatives and making it easy for internal and external stakeholders to redeem their covered subscriptions."

Tom Ryan

VP Basketball Strategy, NBA

“These exercises can be done in a minute or two minutes and they can have a real impact on your performance, your mood, your ability to sleep, on your anxiety.”
quoted in USA Today

Press features

May 26 2022
“Whether using it to destress, fall asleep, or simply reconnect with mind and spirit, Breathwrk’s techniques can help.”
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Jun 01 2022
“These exercises can be done in a minute or two minutes and they can have a real impact on your performance, your mood, your ability to sleep, on your anxiety.”
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Aug 25 2022
“Breathwrk Pro is an excellent resource for a wider variety of breathing exercises and classes. You can have a thorough experience with the free version, but the Pro version invites you to go further, build a deeper breathing practice”
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Healthy habits on and off the job

An overwhelming amount of science proves better breathing helps professionals stay relaxed, focused & resilient in & out of the workplace. Breathwrk is a health app packaging these science-backed techniques into exercises that are:


Shift the autonomic nervous system in seconds or minutes


Guided techniques requiring no prior skill or experience


A simple, active experience that invites staff to engage


Techniques to raise your body’s natural relaxation or energy centers

How Breathwrk exercises fit into your schedule

Find out how Breathwrk can help your Business in our 1 page explainer.

Plans for your organization

Bulk Pricing

Significant discounts from standard consumer prices.


Central location to add & manage your covered users.


Track individual redemptions & aggregate usage trends.


Tools for admins to become functional breathing experts.


Live expert instruction for added education & inspiration.

Our customer reviews

25k+ reviews

Genavie Oliveri, SweatLife Ambassador

Breathwrk has been amazing for me.
“I love how you’re able to choose the path that speaks to you most that day – whether it’s using your breath to focus and stay calm or you’re looking to create energy and recharge.

Breathwrk’s simple method and customizable approach really allows you to go at your own pace and follow a path that teaches you how powerful your own breathing can be!”

Bryan Suharly

Helps me deal with my stressful job.
“I consider myself a pretty emotional person. I get worked up very quickly and my job is quite stressful. This is one of the only things I have tried that works.

All of the exercises are simple and the app looks great. Also love the fact that they are constantly updating.”

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