How A Daily Routine Can Maximize Your Day

The Exhale
August 22, 2022
5 min read

Sticking to positive habits and behaviors can always be a tricky task. Most of the time, the best things we can do often feel inconvenient or unengaging. However, having a daily routine of core habits and behaviors that affect us positively can make a massive difference to how we perceive ourselves and the wider world.

Breathwork is vital for building a better lifestyle that improves health and wellbeing, but it’s crucial to remember that it’s still only a tool. Hammers don’t build houses by themselves; they need someone to use them.

In this respect, using breathwork alone can be rewarding. Still, it’s easy to forget that improving our health and wellness is about creating a better lifestyle for ourselves.

In today's blog, we’ll dive into what makes a solid daily routine and how we can incorporate breathwork techniques into our daily lives to maximize our returns.

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Starting The Day

Our minds are the most active during the early hours of our day. As a result, ensuring that you start the day, as well as possible, should be a primary concern.

Make it a habit to prioritize yourself when you wake up; stay away from stressful emails, and social media feeds, and focus on the activities that make you feel the most balanced and awake. For many, this can manifest as a morning hygiene routine, such as a hot or cold shower.

We’d use this time to integrate a quick breathing exercise as well. If you feel you need an extra bit of energy, then our Awake or Balance breathing techniques can be an ideal place to start.

The Middle of The Day

Work is often difficult when managing the amount of stress we deal with. Situations change, and even moments of low pressure in the office can take their toll over time. As a result, it’s always important to focus on recentering ourselves as the work day wears on.

A quick Body Scan breathing exercise can be a vital tool to help redress your mind and body, relieving tensions and allowing you to take on the second half of the work day with ease.

Settling Down

For many of us, being able to effectively settle down for the night can be terribly tricky. The daily struggle to go to sleep rather than finish just one more episode of a binge-worthy show is something felt by everyone. Still, we must ensure our sleeping hours are as restful as possible – and a simple breathing technique may be the trick.

Our Dream breathing exercise is an ideal technique and worth using before going to bed as the exercise is designed to relax the body by calming the central nervous system.

Combine this technique with a nightly routine that eschews looking at stimulating screens, and you’ll be ready to slip peacefully into a rejuvenating slumber.

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And remember: Breathe Better, Live Better.


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