Plan Your Routines for a More Energizing Day

The Exhale
January 28, 2022
5 min read

While the primary function of our work at Breathwrk is to facilitate better health with education on therapeutic breathing techniques, our goal is to help others take greater consideration of their self-care and lifestyle.

Part of that is by harnessing the power of a solid routine. Routines are unbelievably helpful for self-care and improved wellbeing, providing structure to the day and lessening the need for constant decision-making, with can be profoundly fatiguing after a time.

Routines are beneficial for breathing and mindfulness exercises as they provide the daily structure many people require to integrate positive changes into their lives. Just think about how many people have said they’re going to go to the gym every day before losing motivation after a few days.

So, in today’s blog, we’ll be looking at how you can use the power of routines to provide structure to your day and how you can use breathing techniques to start each section of the day on the right foot.

Read on!

The Morning

Starting your day correctly is vital to setting you up for success later on. Our minds are at their most active shortly after we wake up as our minds work to get us up and running for the rest of the day, sort of like how a computer boots up after being switched off for a time.

The most vital thing you can do in the morning is to ensure you’re using those first hours of the day to prioritize yourself. So, we’d recommend staying away from emails, social media feeds, and the news for a little bit until you’ve started the day with some time to yourself.

Integrating a breathing exercise in this time is a fantastic way to feel present and relaxed. The 4-7-8 technique or Alternate Nostril Breathing are both great ways to calm the body between sips of a morning coffee.

Midday Work

Our workdays are often factories of stress as we strive to be as productive as possible, for as long as possible. However, the truth is that humans simply can’t stay focused for periods of time longer than 1 ½ to 2 hours without needing a break.

Thankfully, a neat 10-minute break can help reset your body and get your productivity up again. Even better, work-life can often be heavily structured yet malleable if you allow it to be, so integrating a routine of self-care to help maximize productivity can be relatively easy.

Mindful walking can be a huge boon, as can the following deep breathing technique:

  • Sit down comfortably in a chair.
  • Keep your mouth closed before inhaling and exhaling rapidly through your nose. Keep your breaths as short as possible. Don’t worry if you make a lot of noise.
  • Try to breathe in and out in rapid succession three times in one second. This forces the diaphragm to work harder. After each set of three, breathe normally for a few seconds before trying again.
  • Be careful to complete this exercise for only 15 seconds when you first begin.

Evening Unwind

Finally, setting yourself up for success in daily life can often result from having a routine that works for the future. Your evening routine should be all about taking the time to unwind and prepare your body for a restorative sleep that helps you start tomorrow on better footing.

For most of us, that’s usually as simple as making sure you’re away from a phone/television/computer screen at least an hour before bedtime. However, taking the time to integrate a further breathing exercise, and even some light stretches, can be hugely beneficial.

Once again, the 4-7-8 technique stands tall and is perfect for calming the body and mind and getting you ready for an ideal slumber. The 4-7-8 is as follows:

  • Breathe through your nose while counting to four, making sure to keep your tongue at the top of your mouth.
  • Hold that breathe for seven seconds.
  • Exhale through your mouth for a count of eight seconds.

For more information regarding how to manage your breathing for a more effective lifestyle, visit our other blogs here at The Exhale to get the latest tips and tricks. For free guided breathing exercises that you can take anywhere, try out the Breathwrk app here.

And remember: Breathe Better, Live Better.


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