Take Charge of Your Diet with a Craving Curber Exercise

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July 29, 2022
5 min read

For many of us, there comes a time when we may decide to change what we eat. This could be for any number of reasons, such as weight loss, lifestyle changes, medications, or just as a way to try something new.

Regardless, one thing about diets stays the same, no matter what form they take – cravings. Staying on a diet can be pretty hard for many folks as our bodies begin to rebel with cravings for the foods we previously enjoyed. As a result, it’s not surprising that most diets don’t last longer than a couple of weeks, despite our best efforts.

In today’s blog, we’ll showcase a powerful breathing exercise that you can use to try and help your diet become a success by curbing those cravings before they become unbearable.

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The Craving Curber

So, just what is The Craving Curber?

Well, we’re glad you asked. Ultimately, the Craving Curber is an exercise that pushes the body away from a craving by using the power of breathing. The activity works its magic by using the diaphragm muscles to shift attention away from the urges while also tweaking our mental state at the same time.

How it Works

The Craving Curber exercise bases itself on the process of breathing and how we can use rhythmic breathing to refocus the mind. This is an exceptionally healthy exercise for those who may have cravings related to smoking habits – as it alters the pattern itself away from tobacco use.

Rhythmic breathing exercises have also been shown to be highly effective for dealing with moments of anxiety and stress, as the breathing rhythm becomes a soothing base to shift away from anxious thoughts, making this a must for those who change in diet or habits may become stressful.

How To Use The Craving Curber

The Craving Curber exercise works like this:

  • Take a seat somewhere comfortable with your shoulders relaxed and your hands on your lap.
  • Inhale through your nose in a series of sniffing movements – one (1) sniff every second for four (4) seconds.
  • Exhale using your mouth through pursed lips for a total of eight (8) seconds.
  • In total, each round of breathing should last a total of twelve (12) seconds.
  • Complete as many rounds as required until your craving passes.

To maximize the effectiveness of each sniff, try to pump your diaphragm/belly inward as you inhale.

For more information regarding how to manage your breathing for a more effective lifestyle, visit our other blogs here at The Exhale to get the latest tips and tricks. For free guided breathing exercises that you can take anywhere, try out the Breathwrk app here and enjoy a FREE 7-day trial with access to everything we have to offer!

And remember: Breathe Better, Live Better.


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